RX Laser Pro


A revolutionary way to treat pain at home 

“this is the magic bullet… reduced my pain considerably… my knee operation has been deferred”  (See the testimonial page to hear Gillian’s story)

What is the RX Laser Pro

The RX Laser Pro from Rebel-Physio is a medical device that uses low level laser technology also known as cold laser therapy. It has been scientifically proven to dramatically reduce pain and inflammation. It uses different wavelengths of light through a handheld device. The Rx Laser Pro uses FDA approved technology and a unique combination of 650nm and 808nm lasers to deeply penetrate into the painful joint or tissue. The treatment is extremely safe, easy to use and painless which makes it very convenient and effective pain management tool to use at home.



The Science Behind It

Low level laser therapy exerts a photochemical effect on living tissue rather than a thermal effect, known as photo biomodulation. This allows the laser light to be absorbed through the skin at different wavelengths. The laser has the ability to penetrate deeply through the skin into a muscle, nerve, tendon or joint. The laser reaction on the tissue then causes a biological stimulation. The cells absorb this light energy, and it initiates a series of events. The therapeutic effects of this include increased opioid neurotransmitter production, increased production of anti-inflammatory cytokines, increased oxygen consumption within the mitochondria and enhanced local blood circulation. This cellular reaction is what gives the person using it significant pain relief.


What conditions does it help with

Low level laser therapy has many positive outcomes on both acute and chronic pain. Here are some examples of the conditions research has shown it be extremely effective with:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Neck & Back pain
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Shoulder and Knee Pain
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Wound & Fracture healing
  • Fibromyalgia


What does the research for this treatment show

There have been hundreds of high-quality published research studies carried out on the use of low-level laser therapy for its use treating a number of painful conditions. The results are overwhelming to show that using this technology has a significantly positive impact on reducing pain and improving function. It’s efficacy and safety has been confirmed on thousands of people, there are no side effects to this treatment. See some of the examples of high-level research carried out below:


The Lancet (2009)

Systematic review on its use on 820 people with neck pain

‘Shows that low level laser therapy reduces pain immediately in people with acute neck pain’


American College of Physicians (2017)

Reviewed the different treatments for people with low back pain

‘Strong recommendation for low level laser therapy in acute and chronic low back pain’


British Medical Journal (2019)

Systematic review on its use on 1,063 people with knee arthritis

‘Overall, pain was significantly reduced with low level laser therapy vs placebo’
‘Concluded that low level laser therapy reduces pain and disability in knee osteoarthritis’


Pain Physician (2019)

Systematic review of 9 different studies including 325 fibromyalgia patients

‘Patients receiving LLLT demonstrated significantly greater improvement in pain severity, number of tender points, fatigue, stiffness and FIQ (fibromyalgia impact questionnaire)


World Health Organization (Neck Pain task force 2000-2010)

‘Recommends the use of LLLT for neck pain’


How do I use the device

The device is very easy to set up and to use yourself at home. It is non-invasive and most people hardly feel anything during the treatment. It only needs to be used for 10-15 minutes per day on the affected area. To use it, you simply charge the device (it comes with a plug-in adapter), switch it on by holding the ‘ON’ button for 2 seconds and it is ready to use. There is also an option to adjust the time and power. You simply point the device towards your affected just slightly above the area for the duration of treatment. People usually start to notice improvements in their pain within days, but it is dependent on each individual case. Our staff are available to talk you through the set up if needed just let us know.


How do I buy the device

The Rx Laser Pro is exclusively available online in Ireland on PhysioShop.ie. It is also available in a number of clinics and pharmacies throughout Ireland. The cost is €295.00 with free delivery and a 12-month warranty. It is CE and ISO certified. If you have any further questions about the device, please contact us on info@physioshop.ie to speak with one of our Physiotherapists.




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